Welcome to John Pitlick.com! The purpose of this website is to provide resources, tools and coaching too assist you in overcoming a current challenge and/or starting a personal challenge that seems out of reach at the moment.


What if there was a real solution for you too change your life?

What if there was hope that you could overcome your current challenges?

All challenges invite some personal clarity, they ask us to take a better look at ourselves. As of today this is who I am. Am I capable of MORE? If I am, am I willing to PROVE IT?

For every challenge there stands a unique goal attached to a dream. Imagine what yours would be?

What can feel isolating and impossible to tackle on your own begins to feel “doable” when you find yourself in the company of your very own PERFORMANCE COACH.

Is this the year you’ll take control of your life, once and for all?

The first step to unleashing the real you begins with accepting there is hope. The freedom to live your best life is in your hands and who deserves that more than you?

Our performance coaching works because it encourages members to upgrade their goals every 90 days and provides an easy transition to a healthier lifestyle.


If so sign-up for your FREE Coaching Session today. You’ll receive a FREE 60 minute complimentary coaching session and initial assessment. You’ll receive your first coaching consultation within 48 hours.

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